Period New Jersey Federal Tallcase Clock (Longcase or Grandfather Clock) with Casework Attributed to John Scudder

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Early Federal New Jersey tallcase clock, casework attributed to John Scudder, New Brunswick or Flemington, NJ. Scudder cases are probably the most sought-after NJ cases ever made due to their heavy inlay work, abundance of ovals, Irish panel work, etc. This clock exhibits twin ovals with a double outline inlay in the bonnet, twin ovals with matching inlay above the elongated waist door, having its large oval at the center, above an Irish panel with a horizontal oval, surrounded by a vertical oval at the end, above a base with a wonderfully inlaid circle with a double line inlay surrounding it. The rosettes are finely inlaid in a light-dark pattern, there are reeded quarter columns at either end of the elongated waist door. The original mechanics can be attributed to William J. Leslie, New Brunswick. This is one of the best inlaid and well- proportioned formal New Jersey cases you will ever come across. Circa 1790-1800 period, in fine running order, including phases of the moon. The dial being locally painted in New Jersey. Measures approx. 94 1/4" height, 17" wide at the base, 12.5" wide at the waist, 9" in depth.

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Circa 1790
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Fine overall condition, case recently polished, all mechanics original.