Pair Gilt Bronze Neo-Classical Candelabra Lamps

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This is a wonderful pair of matching antique candelabra lamps featuring neo-classical bronze figurines, stone bases and elaborate gilt bronze candelabra. They may be 19th century candelabra which were modified with brass hardware and lighting fixtures by drilling through the center top candleholder. Light fixture itself appears to be 30-40 years old. Or, they may simply be fine reproductions from the early to mid 20th century. Each weighs 24 lbs. and measures 34" in height to the top of the finials. Candelabras measure approximately 11" across and 9" deep. Width of the base is 7". Working condition is not known. No hallmarks have been found. Very good overall condition. There is a bend and break to the metal near the top of one of the figurines. The candelabra of one lamp is a little loose and wobbly but no doubt can be tightenend down. Candelabra shapes are asymetrical and match roughly. Thanks for visiting. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Additional images forwarded upon request. These items are too large, valuable and delicate to be shipped by common carrier such as USPS or UPS, and should be crated and delivered by fine art carrier such as PlyCon, who is our preferrred carrier for shipments within the continental U.S. Other Keywords: jjj french rococo roman greek

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