PADPARADSCHA SRI LANKA SAPPHIRES GIA Certified Gems, 14k & 18k White Gold Custom Diamond Settings

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WORLDS RAREST SAPPHIRE * True Genuine, Displayed  1.05 Carat Oval Cut, 18k Gold Ring $ 1070. " PADPARADSCHA " SRI LANKA SAPPHIRES. G.I.A. SPECIALIST COLOR-GEMSTONES Certified Lab Examination Report and Appraisals accompany each custom Oval, Pear, Round, Cushion or Trillion cut NATURAL Un HEATED Un TREATED GEM. Radiant Brilliance, Powerful Full Color Saturation of Documented Sri Lanka Origin. Gemstones Certified under 80-100 x Microscopic Gemology Examination, Color Spectrum Analysis, Clarity Report. Quality Superb, Rare Authenticated Padparadscha Sapphires. Exquisite Diamond Settings in 14k, 18k White Gold, Antique to Art Deco Styles w Quality White Diamonds . Lotus Blossom Orange with Pink Color Undertones, Pastel to Deep Color of Superior Clarity * PLEASE READ. The Genuine Natural Padparadscha is an extremely rare Sapphire gemologicaly recognized as limited of Sri Lanka Origin. This Gemstone should Never be purchased without an Professionally recognized Gemology Report in Documention of the Sapphires Status. Proven 1000 x Rarer than a White Diamond, Exceedingly Rare above 1 Carat in an Quality Gemstone. Opinioned Professionally as not having begun to realize Price Potential as an Investment Gem, guarded top quality examples are being accumulated, vaulted if not withdrawn from the market for later sale. Many so called Padparadscha "Color" Sapphires offered in the market place today are actually either Surface Treated, Heated, Created or of African Origin. Still, keenly observed, much of the Genuine Sri Lanka Sapphires offered today are Color Weak and or of only Moderately Good Clarity yet extremely expensively priced, especially above 1 carat weight. Genuine Top Quality Stones are most frequently seen at Fine Jewelers in .30 to .50 Carats incorporated into very expensive Settings, rarely large enough to be utilized as a central set gemstone. 2 to 3 carat gems exist but are priced in the tens of thousands of dollars Fine Jewelers. Quality Supply has never met Demand * The Finest Color variations are dominant Orange with Pink Hue undertones and Yellow. Additional Spectrums include dominant Pink, Orange with Yellow. Deep Bold Pastel Color Saturation is examplary of the most exquisite Padparadscha Sapphires * Our Elite Natural, Unheated Gems, Custom Diamond Settings complete, Priced per Carat and Setting combined. Each Piece will be accompanied by ( both ) GIA Examiner and an Independent Licensed Appraisal complete. Authenticity Declarations w Credible Valuations. INQUIRIES ACCEPTED select Cut and Carat Weight. We are Go Antiques Registered Members 10 Years, 100% Positive Client Feedbacks well maintained. Secure Insured Transactions. (Photo Plates ) Our Expertly Cut extrordinarily Brilliant and Superbly Faceted Gems, Custom Diamond Settings FOR THE MOST DISCRIMINATING BUYER as definatively Documented * All Inquiries always Pleasantly Responded. View Go Antiques Catalog Listings - we respect Private Inquiries and confidential Merchant purchases. Private Clients write us for a copy of the latest Updated Consumer Information, Padparadscha Gems. Estate Auction Pricing and Reserves, Select 1. thru 2.5 Carat Padparadscha Sapphire Diamond Rings and Pendant Settings. SIX MONTHS NO PAYMENTS on APPROVED PAY PAL TRANSACTIONS. Secure Insured Signature Track Parcel Service. All Parcels Posted w Pre-Shipping Notification.

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Lab Tested GIA Examiner Certification * Natural Padparadscha Shapphires. Certified Settings