Oyster Cans by: Jim & Vivian Karsnitz

Oyster Cans by: Jim & Vivian Karsnitz

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Oyster Cans by: Jim & Vivian Karsnitz

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When investigated with curiosity and enthusiasm, items that may seem mundane and commonplace can prove to be fascinating subjects!

Commercial oyster cans have become important collectibles today. This book has over 800 color photographs of oyster cans, jugs, and bottles, and the text provides wonderful details and anecdotes about the history of the oyster industry in Europe and America. Hundreds of examples of old cans are shown, from nearly every state in the USA!

This book does not contain a prince guide (the cover is a mis-print). It actually contians a rarity guide.

Our note: although the cover photo indicates "with Price Guide" there are no dollar values shown in the text. Rather, the author uses star system to indicate relative value to the current market; 1 star = common, 2 stars = rare, 3 stars = very rare, 4 stars = very rare, 5 stars = only a few know or one of a kind. Collectors are able to use this star based system to determine the value of the plate relative to current market pricing, as pricing does fluctuate.

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