Outdoor Knots: (17 Best) Essential Rope Knots

Outdoor Knots: (17 Best) Essential Rope Knots

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Outdoor Knots: (17 Best) Essential Rope Knots

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The 17 best knots to cover every rope tying situation! The easy to read step by step drawings are printed on waterproof plastic cards and are perfect for camping, boating, home or car. Small enough to carry in your pocket or stash a set in your backpack, boat, toolbox or glove box!

Best All-Purpose Knots

Bowline Bowline on a Bight Buntline Hitch Butterfly Knot Clove Hitch Constrictor Knot Double Fisherman's Figure Eight Half Hitch Mooring Knot Prusik Knot Rolling Hitch Sheet Bend Square Knot Tautline Hitch Trucker's Knot Water Knot

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