Only Oreo 1998 Santa Tin

Only Oreo 1998 Santa Tin

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Only Oreo 1998 Santa Tin
Only Oreo 1998 Santa Tin
Only Oreo 1998 Santa Tin
Only Oreo 1998 Santa Tin

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This wonderful Christmas Advertising tin celebrates 100 YEARS OF NABISCO GOODNESS. The front of this beautiful 8" x 6" x2.5" high limited edition canister shows a smiling Santa holding an opened Oreo cookie. The letter next to Santa's cookies and milk reads "Dear Santa, Your Favorite Cookies XOXO". A teddy bear and a baby dolls peep out of Santa's sack. Pine and red berry decorate the table and snow covered pine trees show through the window. The upper center reads Only OREO and the lower center reads "100 YEARS OF NABISCO GOODNESS 1998". The side of the tin has Oreos in a snow covered pine tree scene. On the back there is a poem - Santa's Little Secret - On the eve before Christmas Like clockwork each year Santa heads from his workshop with his trusty reindeer. He travels the globe in a matter of hours which would be quite a feat without magical powers. He heads down a chimney with toys in his sack It's a mystery though how he finds his way back. Then under the tree for each girl and each boy Sants leaves the most wonderful, marvelous toy. But here is a secret that everyone knows Santa looks for a treat before he goes. Oreo cookies! His personal favorite He licks off the creme and leans back to savor it. Then it's back up the chimney and he's gone all too soon with his sleigh silhouetted by the light of the moon. Beneath the poem Only Oreo 1998.

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  • Reference #
  • SNLCN_242_
  • Quantity
  • 1
  • Category
  • Advertising
  • Department
  • Collectibles
  • Maker
  • Nabisco
  • Year
  • 1998
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 0 inch
  • Height: 0 inch
  • Depth: 0 inch
  • Weight: 0 pound
  • Condition
  • excellent
  • Material
  • metal / tin

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