Antique Sterling Cleopatra brooch Grand tour hallmarked solid sterling large egyptian Queen brooch

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This early solid sterling Cleopatra brooch from the grand tour era (19th-20th Century) was brought over here from a wealthy family in upstate NY. These people traveled all over the world, but did so extensively during the period when the tomb of King tut was discovered by Howard Carter . 

Victorians purchased egyptian pieces with a frenzy and they wore them in all manners. This solid sterling LARGE ( 2 1/4") brooch which is marked sterling, has cleopatra with the asp or serpent headdress. After Tut died they . Cleopatra removed his name from the royal lists. That is why his tomb was not robbed as much as other tombs were.We can thank her for keeping what was left of his remains intact.

When Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt she started calling herself the new Isis. Isis is the devoted mother and wife goddess.Legends say she died because she put a cobra (much like the one she wears on her head) , by her and died of poison when it bit her. A genuine period piece that is in excellent condition, and a remembrance of a young queen who made history that has lived on and on.

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