Antique German Sitzendorf Porcelain Voigt Brothers Potpourri Urns Cherubs and Flowers

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A beautiful pair of the late 19th century German porcelain potpourri urns by the Voigt Brothers Sitzendorf, famous for their highly elaborate porcelain designs. The urns are hand-painted in green, pink, and other pastel colors. They are intricately decorated with cherubs, flowers and pictures. Both urns have toppers.

Given their age, the urns look wonderful. The colors have preserved beautifully; there are no cracks and a close inspection did not reveal any repairs. Amazingly, even cherubs' fingers appear to be intact which are often damaged due to being the most fragile segments of antique porcelain. The urns have some expected minor chipping, primarily to the flower petals.

The cherubs illustrate the famous Sitzendorf technique of depicting human-like features. Each urn has an amazingly precise and delicate miniature painting of flowers on both front and back sides. Most potpourri details have golden contouring. The original screws and bolts holding the base to the body are still in place.


Please note that due to their handmade nature, the urns have a slight difference in height with their toppers on. Height with the toppers: Urn A is 12.6" tall (32 cm); Urn B is 12.3" tall (31 cm). 
Height without the toppers: 8.75" (22 cm). 
Width at the widest point (the handles): 9" (22.8 cm). 
Diameter of the bottom: 4" (10 cm). 
Approximate size of cherub figures: 4" (10 cm). 
Each urn weighs approximately 2.5 lb (1134 grams).

Sitzendorf porcelain has a long history, as one of the oldest and most treasured German porcelain marks. The first porcelain factory was established in 1760 and it remains in operation into the present day. There are several distinct periods in the management history of the factory. The porcelain manufacture was established in Sitzendorf in 1850 by Wilhelm Liebmann and continued until a fire in 1858 gutted the factory building. The factory was then rebuilt and reopened under the Voigt brothers, Alfred and Carl, management. They ran things until 1896 when Albert Schonau took over the company. Sitzendorf porcelain manufactured before 1932 is considered the most valuable by collectors.

We also offer a matching smaller Sitzendorf urn, listed separately.

Please note that to preserve the integrity of the porcelain in shipping, a handling fee of $15 will be added to the order for additional packing materials.

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