ANtique German Bisque Nude on a lion Miniature statue of Una and the Lion Faerie Queen



According to the story, Una lived in a country not far from  Fairy land and  was one of the most beautiful princesses of all time. A hideous dragon tried to use its fiery breath to  to kill all in its path. THe only thing that saved the  King and Queen was the brass tower they hid in. Una went to fairyland and asked the Queen of fairies for help. A young knight ( who later turned out to be St George of St. George and the dragon) was sent to help her fight this dragon, but on the way back they met with a wicked magician who convinced the knight that the  beautiful princess was evil. He left in the night and   she cried and cried as she went home. A noble lion came from woods and licked her hands and feet instead of tearing her to pieces.  He stayed at here side  thru many adventures This Antique German bisque statue is of Una the beautiful princess and her lion. It is marked on the back 6556/1 ( I think those are the numbers) and Germany. This measures 3 1/2" tall and is a very white bisque. Other than some yellow color on the bottom (possibly and old sticker) she is in very good condition. The photos seem to make her look a bit rough but she is smooth and in very good shape.



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