Antique Art Nouveau necklace HUGE Mermaid centerpiece / chandelier drops czech Rhinestones /Vintage czech glass statement piece


I have to say that when you wear ( much less OWN) a piece like this you never can go back to newer jewelry. This is one of the largest glass drop statement necklaces  I have ever seen with the most amazing green drop glass beads. Click on each photo to enlarge it so you can see the wonderful detail on this.  This is from the czech republic which produced some of the finest jewelry in Czechoslovakia. This is an Eastern European treasure in the style of the  Art Nouveau period. Branching out from the hook closure are many swags of colored luminescent glass beads that hang from rich heavy brass hangers. The center has a huge brass piece depicting an Art Nouveau mermaid that attaches to the three swags of green glass faceted  beads. Emanating from the bottom of the centerpiece are large faceted glass drops.  Just the length of this massive bib is something to behold. It measures a WHOPPING 9" Long from the top of the first glass beaded chain to the fabulous green color drops (almost 2" long) . The necklace is 16" around the neck ( not counting this glorious BIB)   The work on this is so fabulous  and so tedious that I can't even imagine how long it would take to solder this master piece, much less create it. This was shown at a recent large jewelery show was the hit of the whole show.Definitely one of a kind and a real treasure. It is very heavy and dramatic and definitely not for the shy. This has rich distressed patina that has darkened with age. It has never been plated so it has a very gothic appearance. The metal has some verdigras which really gives it such an old world charm. The metal is heavy and ornate so be prepared to get a  LOT of compliments. 

This will have to be insured whether it goes to the US or international. So please note the shipping is an approximate cost.

IF you are a dealer and want to make people come to your booth then this is it. I purchased this along with two others many years ago from a woman who traveled to the czech republic. I bought three of her pieces and have had them in a show case ever since. I am not selling this for the age of this piece, but for the beautiful work that is involved in it. You can tell this was hand soldered and not machine done. The brass is raw brass that has not been gilt and looks fabulous in a dark and mysterious way. A true artisan piece. 
If you are a connoisseur of style of  art deco jewelry then this is the piece that is the ULTIMATE. Very few pieces of semi precious stones are missing is any has wonderful patina. I do not know the exact date it was made. I am selling this because it is fabulous.

Truly an exception piece that needs a GOOD HOME. .My price is firm but I do offer layaway. 

This will require insurance which is not included in the shipping price. It will depend on where it goes as to how much. I don't want to see this get damaged or lost because it is a rare one of a kind necklace. This does not qualify for discounts. 

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