InterCourses An Aphrodisiac Cookbook First Edition

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Inter Courses An Aphrodisiac  First Edition.   Copyright   1997, 2002.    1st Edition by Terrace  Publishing           The hard cover    book with dust jacket measures approximately 9 1/4"   x  9 1/4 x  3/4" & includes many  erotic color photographs &  a few illustrations.   The book has 143  pages.  ISBN:  0-9653275-0-7. 

Cookbook has   26  chapters.  

Covers 17 sensual foods ranging from traditional aphrodisiacs like oysters and honey to lesser known - but just as potent - black beans and pine nuts. Beyond the recipes, though, 'InterCourses' is packed with aphrodisiac histories, couples' comments

This is a cookbook designed to help you in the hundreds of everyday and special situations that call for the planning, preparing and serving  of food.  It describes those situations as well as the food, so that you are offered specific suggestions for what and how to service when somebody's going to be late for dinner, or an unexpected guest   turns up, or you're  the committee  chairman for the annual church supper, or hostess at an outdoor barbecue. 

You  don't need scientific proof to know that aphrodisiacs exist.  We need only experience them for ourselves to know  that they are, in fact a very potent source at our disposal.  and that's what  InterCourses is for us:  an introduction to  the experience of aphrodisiacs.  It's an experience for everyone - normal people, you and me- anyone who can cast aside fact and believe, it only for a moment, in the magic of food combined with a little bit of ambiance or love....   May InterCourses help you say what needs to be said bon appetit.  . 

The book is in near new  condition.   The binding is strong.   I flipped through  the cook book & did not see any writing or stains.       

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