New Granada Company 1852 (Panama and Colombia)

New Granada Company 1852 (Panama and Colombia)

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New Granada Company 1852 (Panama and Colombia)

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Beautifully engraved Certificate from the New Granada Company issued in 1852. This historic document has an a vignette of an eagle over a shield. This item is hand signed by the Company's Directors and is over 150 years old.
Certificate Vignette Building an interoceanic canal was suggested early in Spanish colonial times. The United States, interested since the late 18th cent. in trading voyages to the coast of the Pacific Northwest, became greatly concerned with plans for a canal after settlers had begun to pour into Oregon and California. Active negotiations led in 1846 to a treaty, by which the republic of New Granada (consisting of present-day Panama and Colombia) granted the United States transit rights across the Isthmus of Panama in return for a guarantee of the neutrality and sovereignty of New Granada. The isthmus gained more importance after the United States acquired (1848) California and the gold rush began, and the trans-Panama RR was built (1848-55) with U.S. capital. In 1855, The Republic of Colombia is formally established and is no longer known as New Granada.


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