Nancy Drew, Complete Set of 57 Books

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This is a complete set of 57 of the yellow spine Nancy Drew mystery books. They range in printing date from 1962 to 1979. The set includes the very rare Book #56, The Thirteenth Pearl and also the Nancy Drew cookbook. The set includes 22 with the blue/grey endpages with the original 25 chapters in each book. It has 4 additional with the blue/grey endpages and 20 chapters after the start of the revisions of the stories. There are 27 with the black and white multi end pages and 20 chapters and 3 with the black and white oval endpages and 20 chapters. The cookbook is a 1973 printing with the red endpages. The set has 9 books that are first printings (#44,45,46,52,53,54,55,56,57). There are 46 books rated as excellent, 2 rated as good (#36 & 51 and have marks or black outs on the inside covers), and 9 are rated as fair/poor (#35,42,50,52,53,54 have the back endpage/order page missing; #20,23,39 have wear to the spine, a tear in the spine and scarred endpages respectively). There is corner and edge wear to various degrees to some of the books that are rated as excellent or good and others are in near mint condition and look like they have never been read (see pic#1 - the thirteenth pearl is in near mint condition while the old clock and the cookbook both have average corner and edge wear). The total cost of this set if purchased as individual books in the same condition would be approximately $800.00. This set is reduced by 40% for a purchase price of $475.00.

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