Musical Instrument Gumball Vending Toys

Musical Instrument Gumball Vending Toys

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Musical Instrument Gumball Vending Toys


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You get five (5) vintage gumball vending toys. The flute is the largest at 7 1/2 inches long. The flute, horn, and saxaphone all whistle. The guitar and harmonica play too. Old stock from a store on the east coast. They outlawed this type of plastic a long time ago. It can still be sold as a collectible, but you are not allowed to manufacture it any more. It's that brittle hard stuff that was a child hazard. You can imagine a child putting this in their mouth, cracking it and swallowing it. They are in great condition. These are very unusual. The full set with a guitar that still has the strings almost never turn up. Color may vary from picture shown

L&L Tiques, Inc.

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