MORGANITE Cor de Rosa Deep Pink Rose color premium Gemstone Rings. 8 to over 20 Carats !

Quantity available: 50

SHOW CASE FEATURES. YEARS HOTTEST GEMSTONE, MORGANITE ! Sale From $ 139. The Finest Deep Rose Hue Pink Color Quality Color Selections. 8 to 21 CARAT GEMS. BOLDLY CUT Facets display Extremely Fine Reflective Color and Flash ! Clear Clean superior Gemstones, Un Heated Brazilian to Nigerian Mined. STUNNING SETTINGS, Diamond Cut White Sapphire, Blue Zircon, Ruby Surround and Accent Compositions HAND CRAFTED FINISH set 925 Solid Sterling Silver, White Gold Coated to Fusion Treated - Frosted White to High Polished Surface. All Band Sizes are re-sizeable, inexpensively. Don't allow Band Size to deflect from selecting your Favorite Style. We sell to Boutiques Shops - same Settings are Marked-up to 300% * We provide Secure Insured U.S. Postal Signature Service, each Ring Custom Presentation Boxed, Immediate Shipping, secure Pay Pal Transactions ( Not knock-off Silver Plated or Cheaply Manufactured Jewelry ) We claim The Finest Color Gemstones per price on Go Antiques and Catalog Show Room. 10 Years Go Antiques registered Members. Our Global Associates mine The World for The Finest Antiques, Estate Jewelry, Precious Arts and Vintage Crafts from Latin America, Europe, Asia U.K. and USA. Pristine Valuted Original Treasures and Upscale Collectables with Profit Potential at Action to Broker Pricing. Write honestly and we'll discuss your every interest. We are Proud of Our Reputation ! and Services.

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2011 - 2010
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Pristine Mint
Gems, Solid Sterling Silver & white gold coated over silver, re-sizeable bands