Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press

Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press

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Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press
Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press
Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press
Mirro Cooky-Pastry Press


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Mirro Aluminum Co. Make your family's favorite treats with this vintage cookie pastry press. Bake your favorite cookies from your childhood. This Mirro cooky press comes with: press 3 pastry tips and 5 forming plates. The dough cylinder is 5.25" high and 3" in diameter. Apparently the side handle has come off and the owner wrapped the aluminum cylinder in black duct tape. The black paint on the metal knob is well worn. The side handle is included in the tattered box bottom. You can use it to make cookies, meringue shells, lady fingers, cream puffs or fill manicotti or pastries. The recipe and directions booklet is included. The recipes include: SCHAUM TORTES(MERINGUE SHELLS),CREAM PUFFS,ECLAIRS, CUSTARD FILLING, CHOCOLATE FROSTING,LADY FINGERS,MAKE DOUGH SOFT AND PLIABLE, HOW TO TINT COOKY DOUGH,SNOW FLAKES, QUICK-MIX SPRITZ,VANILLA COOKIES, CHOCOLATE SPRITZ,NORWEGIAN CROWNS, MIRRO JOSIE'S,ORANGE CRISPS, BUTTER PRETZELS, VELVET COOKIES,CARAMEL COOKIES, MOLASSES SPICE COOKIES,SOUR CREAM COOKIES, BROWN SUGAR BAR COOKIE, CHRISTMAS TREES, LEMON CRISPS, SANDIES,PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES, SPRITZ COOKIES,DANISH ROYALTIES, GINGER SNAPS, HOLLY WREATHS, CHEESE STRAWS and COOKY DECORATING GLAZES. The box is marked Mirro The Finest Aluminum NO.358 AM COOKY-PASTRY PRESS.

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