Ma (Kettle)?Bottle Opener,She's A Beauty

Ma (Kettle)?Bottle Opener,She's A Beauty

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Ma (Kettle)?Bottle Opener,She's A Beauty
Ma (Kettle)?Bottle Opener,She's A Beauty
Ma (Kettle)?Bottle Opener,She's A Beauty
Ma (Kettle)?Bottle Opener,She's A Beauty


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Well, after you have seen Pa, Ma doesn't look so good. She looks like she may have been made from an old wooden thread spool. Handcarved, that is. I found Ma along with Pa in an old box the other day I had around for ages. I haven't touched her up at all either! Her hair is white,up in a bun. Her face is painted peach color. Her ribbon around her neck is painted red. Her dress is painted brown. That is what is left of all the paint listed above. She has had some wear. The bottle opener is in much better condition than Pa's. You can actually see the stainless steel on hers. She measures 1 5/8"w x 3 5/8"lg including the opener. By the way, Ma could sure use a bath as well. Also, note that Pa (Kettle?) whom she came with is also being listed for sale. If you want the pair I'll give you 15% off the combined prices. Condition? Well, she's beyond Pa, and a whole lot cheaper! She's a beauty!

Victoria James Designs



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