Lot of 1000 - Low Grade Uncleaned Roman Coins

Lot of 1000 - Low Grade Uncleaned Roman Coins

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Lot of 1000 - Low Grade Uncleaned Roman Coins


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These are low grade Roman coins. A lot have broken edges and some are broken. Coins are absolutely genuine and are at least 1500 to 2000 years old! The lot includes all coins sizes from 10mm to 30mm (Ases, Folli, Sestertii, Antoniniani, Maiorine, Denarii etc....), many are of the smaller size because those were the coins that were used most every day. Source of the coins: The coins come from places such as Viminacium (a Roman town near Kostolats in Serbia). There were no banknotes in those days and the only banking system (a very basic system offered almost exclusively to the ruling classes) and so all transactions were made in cash (= coins). These were often buried in the cellar, beneath trees, next to local landmarks such as aquaducts and bridges. When the owner died (many of the owners were soldiers sent off to serve elsewhere), the coins were forgotten. Today, nearly 2,000 years later they are being found using electronic means and you can buy them. Restoring and collecting Roman coins is getting more popular all over the world by the day! It is truly a fascinating hobby which combines numerous areas of knowledge such as numismatics, ancient history and a feeling of treasure hunting (you never know what is under the dirt); learning new things, training mental agility, discovery (there are so many different types to discover including types and variations previously unknown) and handicraft (cleaning the coins).

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