Loral Corporation 1977

Loral Corporation 1977

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Loral Corporation 1977
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Beautifully engraved SPECIMEN certificate from the Loral Corporation. This historic document was printed by the Security-Columbian Banknote Company in 1977 and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an allegorical man holding onto a switch with a rocket taking off in space in the background. This item has the printed signatures of the Company’s Chairman ( Bernard L. Schwartz ) of the Board and its Secretary and is over 25 years old.
Certificate Vignette In 1996, Lockheed Martin acquires the majority of Loral Corporation's defense businesses. Loral Corporation changed its name to Loral Space & Communications and got tangled up in Global Star Communications. Since that time, the new company has been on the ropes with their satellite venture. Overview Loral Space & Communications (NYSE: LOR) is one of the world's largest providers of fixed satellite services, including transponder leasing for corporate data networks, broadband data transmission, content services and Internet connectivity. Loral is also the second largest manufacturer of commercial satellites and related technology. Loral's satellite products and services place it in the forefront of the industry in terms of technological innovation and reliability. Loral operates in two synergistic businesses: Fixed Satellite Services (FSS), including satellite-based data networks Satellite Manufacturing & Technology Each segment is described in detail below. Additional information may be found at each of the operating unit's web sites, linked below. Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) Loral primary FSS business - Loral Skynet - offers transponder leasing, network and professional services, including gateway services, in-orbit satellite control and other value-added and customized offerings for its customers worldwide. Since Loral entered the FSS business in 1997 with the acquisition of Skynet, its fleet has grown from a single satellite with a U.S.-only footprint to seven satellites spanning the globe. Further adding to its fixed satellite services base, Loral, in a joint venture with its Mexican partner, Telefonica Autrey (now Principia), subsequently acquired 75 percent of Satelites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V. (Satmex). The acquisition of Satmex extended the reach of Loral's FSS network beyond the United States to Latin America. A third acquisition, in 1998, of Orion Network Systems, added another planned network of three FSS satellites to Loral's assets with licenses for orbital slots covering Europe, Latin America and Asia. Also in 1998, Loral and Alcatel Space of France formed Europe*Star, a joint venture company that delivers satellite services throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Europe*Star's first satellite, Europe*Star 1 entered commercial service in 2001. In 1999, Loral's 100%-owned subsidiary, Loral Skynet do Brasil, won the rights to Brazil's 63° West orbital slot and soon thereafter began construction on the Estrela do Sul satellite. When it enters service in early 2003, Estrela do Sul will offer fixed satellite services that cover nearly the entire Western Hemisphere. In 2000, Europe*Star and France Telecom formed Stellat, a FSS operator that will provide services on its Stellat 5 satellite beginning in 2002. In 2001 Loral announced the formation of XTAR, a company that will offer leased satellite communication services to the U.S. Department of Defense and affiliated agencies, the Spanish Ministry of Defense and other allied governments. Loral is a 51-percent owner and managing partner of XTAR. XTAR's first satellite, XTAR-EUR, is currently under construction at Loral's manufacturing unit, Space Systems/Loral.


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