Leon Fuch's Test Indicator Patent 1913 Rare!

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This is a very rare, working, antique indicator, with a early patented! It is marked "LEON FUCH'S MFG. CO. DAYTON OHIO U.S.A. PAT. NOV.18. 1913" on the indicator body face. This is a mechanical indicator with 1/1000" graduations. The indicator point at one end is ball shaped, and in very good shape. The body is a 1.5" round diameter. This style indicator was also designed for use with a transfer stand, but mainly design for use on a lathe application. The supplied 1/4" diameter tool post type holder is in very good shape, it is not threaded, so it can not be removed. The knurled thumb wheel on the side of the round body is for setting the indicator to 0, or another preset of your choice, and it work very well to lock that setting in place. There is a knurled surface around the moveable round top part of the body, and this works with the side wheel to set the graduated dial. The knurled little center thumb screw is to manually move the indicator pointer to a desired position, if you let go of it, it will spring back to the original set position. This indicator has been cleaned and tested, and works just fine. We do note that there is a brazed surface on the back of the indicator body, this is basically the way that this manufacturer attached the graduated part of this indicator. In other words, the braze is original, the way it should look. Truly a great machinist or precision tool collectible, as it was one of the first of it's kind! This is the first one of these we have seen to date. We are also surprised at how well it works!

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