Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Prima Official Game Guide

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Prima Official Game Guide

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Prima Official Game Guide

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This item is a strategy guide for the game.

Extensive walkthrough of the hub and the 20 levels including Freeplay mode!Detailed area maps to get you to your objectives and locations of Ships in a Bottle!Expert strategy to help you acquire Ships in a Bottle, Red Hats, Gold Bricks, and more!Information on 80+ characters for console and 100+ characters for handheld!Separate walkthrough and strategy for handheld systems (3DS, DS and PSP)! The Pirate Code--Pirating is not as easy as it looks. In order to succeed at piracy on the high seas and finding buried treasure on land, you need to learn the Pirate Code. The first section of the guide includes information filled pages (4-7) that cover how to find hidden items with the compass, fight with sword and gun, use various types of cranks and switches, and everything else you need to become the terror of the seven seas!

Complete Cast Section--Learn what it takes to unlock every character with our revealing Cast of Characters chapter! Pages 8 through 16 of the guide are packed with info on characters you can unlock in the game--here you'll find the purchase price of each one, along with details on their unique special abilities and weapons. You'll have no trouble tracking down every single character, and finding the ones you want the most couldn't be easier!

Comprehensive Walkthrough--Clear each level with ease by following our detailed step-by-step walkthrough! From the first level, The Curse of the Black Pearl: Port Royal, that begins on page 17 to the climatic battle of the last level, On Stranger Tides: The Fountain of Youth, that ends on page 152, you'll never become stuck or lost as you fight and puzzle your way toward total game completion. Quick-reference maps, checklists, and sidebars are provided for every level to make it easy to find all of Ships in a Bottle and compass items. We even provide complete walkthroughs for the Hub areas (pages 153-165), to ensure that you find every Red Hat and can unlock the secret level: The Ride!

Excellent Checklists--The guide concludes with 9 pages of quick-reference checklists (pages 166 to 174) to help you keep track of all your goodie-collecting progress. With tons of Ships in a Bottle, gold bricks and characters to acquire--not to mention 20 Red Hats--you'll be glad to have a convenient place to keep everything straight. Don't feel like wading through the walkthrough to find something? Simply reference it in the Checklists to quickly find what you're looking for!

Handheld Section--If you think first part of the guide which covers the next-gen consoles has a lot of vital information, the second part of the guide provides the same types of help for the handheld systems. Within these 113 pages (175 to 287) you find basics of the game to help you get started, details on the over 120 characters in the game, detailed walkthroughs for all levels which help you find hidden items and collectibles, and of course, checklists to keep track of your exploits.

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