Keuffel & Esser Vernier Calipers No. 4306 Tree Measurement

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This is a very nice, quality made all hardwood with brass fitting, deep reach jaws vernier calipers. They are marked by the maker on one side "KEUFFEL & ESSER CO. 4306" with the griffin trade mark to the right of the name. This is a very rare 24" rule, with a 12" throat capacity. Keuffel & Esser is better known for drafting, engineering, and surveying tools, but this tool we believe was made for a purpose other than the above mentioned. We have been told that these could be used for tree measurement, to calculate the volume of tree harvest using this tool and a formula involving the height of the tree. The hardwood appears to be beech, and is in great shape for it's size, no warping of the main shaft, and only a minor amount of warping on the moving jaw, but the jaws align quite well. The moving jaws' inner brass hardware, allows the jaw to be shifted to an angle position, or not parallel with the solid jaw, we think this is to allow less wear on the wood surfaces by reducing the drag of the brass against the wood on the top and bottom rails. Once you apply pressure to the moving jaw out toward the end of the jaw (while taking a measurement) the moving jaw will return to parallel position at this time, and this position of the jaw is also adjustable with a set and lock screw. Not a really fancy measuring tool, but well designed, and the use of select hardwood makes it a quality tool! Since few were made, this one if quite rare!

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mid 1900's
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