J. Williams Draw Knife 14 inch Ship Mast Work

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This is a very nice clean antique, hand made draw knife from the mid-1800's era! It is one of the largest we have had to offer over the years with a 14" long blade, and 22" long overall. The steel blade is the laminated type, with the softer steel extending out to the tangs inside the handles, and across the back, and then the top quality tool steel in the cutting edge area. This style of manufacturing was used on many edge tools, particularly larger edge tools through most of the 1800's. The blacksmith could use heat and technique to weld the two steel types together without loosing the qualities of either steel. The edge steel was sometimes too brittle in place, but this tool doesn't seem to have had that problem for the most part. The is one very small chip off of one corner of the edge noted. The handles are in solid shape, clean and well attached, but do have some grain splits in them. The steel tang down the middle of the handle, is bent over at the end tip to keep the handle from moving, or from being over stressed and breaking in half or coming off. This concept of holding the handles in place worked well and was continued well into the 1900's, and even in production type draw knives! I am not sure what J. Williams this was, but most likely it was the one from the Boston Mass. area. The overall condition is good++, with a very sharp cutting edge, no rust, and very few tiny imperfections. A really nice tool overall!

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