Hupp Motor Car Corporation 1929

Hupp Motor Car Corporation 1929

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Hupp Motor Car Corporation 1929


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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Hupp Motor Car Corporation issued in 1929. This historic document was printed by the Republic Banknote Company and has an ornate border around it. This item is hand signed by the Company’s Authorized Officer and Assistant Secretary and is over 73 years old. The Hupmobile was made in the U.S. from 1908 - 1940 by the Hupp Motor Car Corp. in Detroit and Cleveland. Robert and Louis Hupp founded the company. They started with a 2.8 liter 4-cylinder light runabout with two bucket seats and a bolster tank, distinguished by a 2-speed sliding-type gearbox. It sold for $750. and was joined in 1911 by a touring car with 3 forward speeds and a longer wheelbase of 9 ft. 2 inches, listed for only $900. Hupmobile, like Dodge and Ford, made only 4 cylinder cars until 1924 when they began offering 6 & 8's. Hupp's 6 & 8 cylinder car production ran from 1924 - 1941. They produced 38,000 cars in 1923 but dropped to 17,000 in 1931 from a high of 50,000 in 1929. Hupp could not achieve the volume production to capture the market the way Henry Ford was able to with his Model T. The company stayed in the medium-price field. In 1929 they acquired Chandler's plant in Cleveland and used it to produce lower priced Hupps. Like most of America's independent makes, the Hupmobile was hit hard by the depression and sales dropped drastically although some very handsome cars were made in 1932 and 1933. The Aerodynamic range was introduced in 1934 but sales were still sluggish and the factory was closed down halfway through the 1936 season. It was reopened but the 1938 models brought little interest. The last cars were completed in July 1940, but were sold as 1941 models with the '41 Hupp Skylark using the Cord body. Hupp did war work and was taken over by the White Conglomerate. Source: The New Encyclopedia of Automobiles, 1855 to the Present


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