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This is the largest prasiolite healing point crystal pendant I have ever seen with it measuring a whopping 4 3/4" long and almost 2" wide. Metaphysical Prasiolite is the proper name for the green variety of Amethyst. Although it is not as well known as the purple variety, it has a similar level of energy.When held, its relational connection to Amethyst, and a solid earth connection, can be felt almost immediately.Prasiolite provided calmness making deep meditation occur more quickly especially when worn against the skin. Set in sterling it has a hidden poison top that lifts up to hold a large amount of special herbs or scents for secret spells. This also has two marquise blue topaz stones on each side that are accented with labradorites and an amethyst. All are genuine stones. This is a heavy ( 90.4 grams) and has the most beautiful crystal with hints of amethyst and green amethyst in it. Prasiolite inspires and stimulates creativity. It would seem to provide this by its calming effect which then allows us to explore with our imagination all the infinite possibilities. Prasiolite assists in balancing the endocrine system. It also seems to have a pain relieving and cooling effect in the case of joint swelling, and seemed to work fairly rapidly for that purpose.The metal work on this is truly a work of art with a top stone in the lid of amber. Many facets of nature all combined into a magical pendant that is MUCH nice and larger than you can imagine.

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sterling, labradorite