Hawkins Works Set Steam Engine, Boiler, Calculations Audel

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Offering this rare 3 volumes, boxed set named "HAWKINS WORKS" on the label on the outside of the maroon cardboard box that holds all 3 volumes. The volumes include: "NEW CATECHISM OF THE STEAM ENGINE, (copyright 1897-1904), INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BOILER ROOM (copyright 1897-1903), and HAND BOOK OF CALCULATIONS FOR ENGINEERS (copyright 1890-1901)," all published by "THEO AUDEL & CO. ENGINEERING PUBLICATIONS 63 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK". The 3 books are in good++ to very good condition, very little wear, very clean pages, very good spines that have 99% gold lettering intact, very good bindings, very good gold gilt pages edges on all three sides, very little wear. The Steam Engine volume has a minor cirular mark where some set a cup on it, and it raised the cloth a tiny bit, just enough to notice is, otherwise no damage of any kind, very nice overall. Unlike most of the later Audels technical books, these are hardback books, top quality cloth, paper, binding and gold gilt work. There is hundreds of illustrations, pictures, charts etc. on the subjest outlined! The box or case has a very good label, about 95% intact, maroon leather like cloth covering, solid, with some exterior taped corners. The tape is acheival type, lasts a long time without yellowing, holds well. The books fit very snug into the box. The box is two piece, the inside piece is in nice shape, no tape, only a little maroon page is flaking off. It has done a great job of protecting these books, so that they are in very nice condition overall! A very scarce set of books, we have never offered these in the past 12 years of selling Audels books on-line! We doubt many of these were printed, since we have seen so few in the past, and never seen these in the box cover at all!

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