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Very special lovely hand embroidered and woven huipil from the town of Santiago Atitlán in Guatemala. This one is vintage and of high quality with fine details. It has a colorful Quetzal Bird on the front and back. The neck opening is beautifully embroidered with flowers. The fabric has a very slight amount of fading from being hung in the intense sunlight. Plus it appears that the side were stitched together at one time, then opened back up. I don't know if the fabric has been recycled which is done my the Mayans.

These hand woven and embroidered cotton textiles are beautifully accented with flowers and birds. Santiago Atitlán is on the shore of Lake Atitlán in the highlands of Guatemala. The Mayans that live here are of the Tzutujil Nation. The huipils from Santiago are considered the best in the region.

This huipil is absolutely beautiful with hand embroidery that features flowers and leaves surrounding the collar. The woven cotton background is composed of vertical and horizontal stripes. This on is purple with dark maroon lines. It is heavily embroidered with large birds. Each bird is accurately colored with shading and the detail is amazing! The birds are exquisite. The backcloth is loomed by hand and a back strap loom. A piece like this can take 3 month or more to make.

The huipils presented here were all purchased directly from the weaver. I was blessed to have befriended this gracious, wonderful and talented woman. In addition to her outstanding creations, I bought some huipils and other textiles from her sisters and her lovely 88 year old madre .

This one is highlighted with two rows of highly detailed birds of the Guatemala on the shoulder. These birds are much larger than the little birds of the body. The detail is amazingly fine is on a purple back cloth with dark purple vertical stripes and the horizontal dark purple stripes has a raised texture outlined with metallic blue and white stitches. It measures: 55” long x 28” wide. The diamond shaped neck opening is 8”x7". The sides are left open per tradition. Tzutuil woman wear them tucked into the cortes or skirts so that openings are folded over. It can be easily stitched up which I am willing to do you upon purchase and payment.

Many people will purchase these textiles to frame as art or use as a wall hanging The fabric is study and the weave is strong. The colors are brilliant. It does not appear to have been worn. The condition is what I consider as excellent for a hand crafted item. It has a hem on one end but the other end is left un-hemmed. It is totally clean and ready to wear. Huipil is a hand loomed, woven and embroidered top that the indigenous women wear. It made from usually 2 to 3 long pieces put together. A hole is made for the head. The weaving was done by the women on a back strap loom. The color and the figures all have a special meaning that is unique to their village, region and culture.

The art of the traditional weaving is past down from mother to daughter. Each region and village has their own distinct design and colors as well as language. Unfortunately more of the traditional weaving and other cultural ways are being influence and replaced by modernization of the U.S.A. & Europe.

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