GunDigest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15 by: Richard A. Mann

GunDigest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15 by: Richard A. Mann

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GunDigest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15 by: Richard A. Mann

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You'll enjoy this AR-15 guide if:

You want tips for accuracy while using an AR-15 You're looking for AR-15 ammunition advice You're interested in customization options for your AR

The Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15 by Richard A. Mann presents a comprehensive and user-friendly look at today's most popular modern sporting rifle. Among a wide variety of topics, the firearms expert and noted author provides helpful ammunition and accuracy tips, an explanation of the AR platform, a wide range of AR-15 applications, and much more, enhanced by 250 black and white photos. Keep up with the increasing popularity of the versatile AR-15 with this indispensable shooter's guide.

Mann begins his exploration of the AR-15 with a look at the popular rifle's place in history, and discusses its popularity due to both politics and its versatility. Next, delve into the AR inside and out with an exploration of the differences between the AR-10 and the AR-15, pros and cons of gas impingement versus piston systems, and a discussion of AR cartridges and ballistics. If you're looking to customize your AR, Mann provides no shortage of sight and accessory options, including open and optical sights, as well modifications that are most commonly made to an AR. Learn how to use your AR with helpful maintenance advice and techniques, shooting and zeroing basics, shooting positions, and training and practice drills. Finally, advance the use of your AR with information on building your own, gathering techniques for handloading, and much more.

In the Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15 you'll find:

Competition, security and hunting--how the AR does it all Ammunition & accuracy tips Optics & sights, uppers & lowers, handguards & stocks

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