(French) Systeme Lefaucheux: Pinfire Cartridge Arms (Pistols), Civil War by: Chris Curtis

(French) Systeme Lefaucheux: Pinfire Cartridge Arms (Pistols), Civil War by: Chris Curtis

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(French) Systeme Lefaucheux: Pinfire Cartridge Arms (Pistols), Civil War by: Chris Curtis

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French arquebusier Casimir Lefaucheux may rightfully be called the prophet of a new age of firearms.. His invention, in 1833, of the pinfire system opened the door on the concept of practical self-contained ammunition, eventually prompting the development of today's modern centerfire metallic cartridge.

The arrival of Lefaucheux' invention coincided with the coming of great industrial revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic, and with them political and social revolutions, as well. Soon countless new types of firearms began appearing in the market. Pinfire revolvers became the requisite sidearm for many leading European military powers, and as revealed for the first time in this new book they were purchased and issued to many units during the American Civil War, both North and South.

The popularity of, and adventures with pinfire revolvers by officers and soldiers during our Civil War, including such dashing cavaliers as Confederates "Stonewall" Jackson and "Jeb" Stuart, continue to inspire new legions of historians and collectors.

First published in a 1983 limited printing as The Pinfire System, this volume is a result of continuing fascination with pinfire arms by the world-wide fraternity of antique gun enthusiasts. Much more than a reprint, Systeme Lefaucheux, Continuing the Study of Pinfire Cartridge Arms is in may ways an entirely new work. The reader will note scores of additions including important new historical data, documents, and photographs of guns, cartridges, and accoutrements.

Author Chris Curtis' comprehensive collection of pinfire arms, along with examples from many of the leading public and private collections in America and across Europe, comprises the basis for this study. Hundreds of pinfires of all types are illustrated and discussed, ranging from the humblest single-shot pistol to the great rarities in the field. Also covered are the personalities involved in the design, development, and manufacture of pinfire arms and ammunition; plus technical data, patents, commercial sales, military contracts, markings, cartridge headstamps, and much more. The numerous varieties of pinfire arms are explored, and a rarity chart is even provided for collectors.

Once relegated to a minor footnote in the long history of firearms, Systeme Lefaucheux, Continuing the Study of Pin fire Cartridge Arms now elevates these renowned guns to a position of distinction in the annals of weaponry. Here is a welcome addition to every collector's library. 2002

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