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The romance of France with a touch of Italian  faith, this genuine coin bracelet holds an old Eiffel tower medal and a vintage Infant of prague medal. . The bracelet measures 7 1/2" long ( not including the infant of prague medal) and is 1" wide. The 50 Lire coins depicts Vulcan, God of fire,  forging  armour for Achilles on one side. Vulcan was born extremely ugly. His mother, Juno, tried to throw him off a cliff, but failed to kill her son. Instead, she put him in a volcano and told him to stay there for the rest of his young life. Little did she know that her young boy would grow to be a very talented blacksmith for all the gods and goddesses of Olympus.. Vulcan (Hephaestus for the Greeks): the god of fire and metallurgy. Son of Zeus and Era, was the blacksmith of the gods. He worked under the volcanic island of Lemno (where his cult started). With his giant hammer and anvil he forged, with the help of the Cyclopes, wonderful things such as the Sun Chariot, Zeus' lightnings and sceptre, Achille's armour and Olympus' buildings..  This has a double clasp to keep it safe on your wrist.   Ask about our ten percent off special before you buy, it could save you a lot of money.   VintageSparkles offers Layaway on all our pieces regardless of which site it comes from.All layaway payments will need to be in the form of a check or money order only. Please remember that vintage & antique items are not mint, nor are they perfect but they sure are full of old history and charm. Please use photos to make your decisions and read our policies prior to buying so you can have an excellent experience with us.    Please use this number when ordering ga000439.    If you want to see more of these pretties this is the link to my etsy store. or visit our gallery on pinterest where you can see all our pieces at once

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