Four Leaf clover antique leather book FULL of irish clover and history


Four Leaf clover antique leather book FULL of irish clover and history. This 1930's miniature leather book has so many four leaf clovers in it that I had to put the photos on a separate link so you could see them all.

From what I understand about the gentleman who owned this, every time he found a four leaf clover , he put a name and address, phone number or a date next to it. Some of these addresses are still in existence today. I have never seen so many clovers in my life and feel like this book has a tremendous amount of luck attached to it. One of the reasons I say this is that all the clovers are still pressed lovingly into the pages and have not been taken out. 

One interesting piece of trivia with this is that he was a follower of Edgar cayce, the prophet, and in this book there was one page that reads Glyco Thymaline. THe only page that did not have a name or address or phone number or date.The Edgar Cayce Readings recommended Glyco-Thymoline for use in the following additional areas: as an internal antiseptic with writer; as a pack; and as an eye-wash. 

This piece of information I got from the book's previous owner. This is such an interesting puzzle that has so many twists and turns that you just can't stop looking at the book. 
The leather is so soft and pliable and you can tell it was handled quite a bit.

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