Fort Ticonderoga Skookum Native American Indian Doll Mailer

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Vintage Native American Skookum Papoose Doll in Leather Papoose Holder - with the original mailing tag! The tag was produced by Dennison, famous for it's tags, seals, stickers and labels (now a part of Avery-Dennison). The tag reads on the front: GREETINGS (you can only see GREETIN, the rest is covered with 2 one-cent USA Stamps. The cancellation appears to be LAKE GEORGE, NY. This makes sense, as Lake George is in one of the largest vacationlands in the US - the Catskills). From Mr and Mrs. Donald (the rest is under the stamps) FORT TICONDEROGA (this is an inked stamp mark from a rubber stamp) To Miss Arlen[e H]oner (we're guessing at the letters between the brackets - they're under the cancellation). 104 Galin St. Clyde, N.Y. On the back of the tag, it reads: Meet my new friend Smiling Face Very pleasant as you see, Who'll take my message straight to you, "I'm well as well can be." From_________________ The papoose holder has been sewn together by machine and is made of sueded leather. The top has been stamped with leather tools and darkened - it appears to be made to resemble a real papoose holder that would have been strapped to keep the little baby safe inside. The baby is made of bisque and, true to Skookum standards, the eyes are facing away from us (to our left, the baby's right). Hair, eyes and mouth are painted on as are body accents like knees. S/he slips out of the holder easily (which makes it even more amazing that it survived this long as a souvenir!) The baby measures 2-1/4 inches long by about 1/2 inch wide. Arms are down at the sides. The baby has been tinted a darker color and some white highlighted spots (derrière, toes, heels and tummy). There is a lot of detail that you won't notice till you inspect this little souvenir. It's amazing! It has even been signed by the artist! This souvenir from the Arrow Novelty Company in New York is a true treasure of early 20th century vacation travel.

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