F VS1 round cut loose diamond 1.06 carat heart & arrows

Quantity available: 100

Approx. Weight : 1.06 carats
Color : F
Clarity : VS1
Polish : Excellent
Symmetry : Very Good
Fluorescence : None
Culet : None
Cut : Ideal (Hearts and Arrows)

Comes with the stone certificate.

Sparkling diamond. Perfectly eyeclean.

Can be set in any kind of mounting . You can even e.mail us a pic of mounting you want for this.

If you are interested in a diamond and don't find it online please e.mail us and we may have in stock.

Options available in same color & clarity :

With approx. 0.75 carat diamond for $1675.00
With approx. 1.25 carat diamond for $4350.00
With approx. 1.51 carat diamond for $5500.00
With approx. 2.01 carat diamond for $9295.00
With approx. 2.51 carat diamond for $12500.00
With approx. 3.01 carat diamond for $17500.00

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