EMERIC French Wooded Landscape Painting

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This impressionist oil painting by the noted Hungarian-born contemporary artist, Emeric (1919 - ), depicts a thickly wooded landscape with jeep or other vehicle in the background. It is signed by the artist and is believed to date from c1975. Canvas measures 27" by 32" and weighs approximately 4 lbs. This painting was purchased directly from the artist and imported to the U.S. a few years ago, and is one of six Emeric works we have for sale. Emeric has not painted since 1990. Just recently (from February 15 to March 20), the Volksbank Galeria in Budapest held a major exhibition of his works. This event was a major success, and there is talk of another significant exhibition of his works to be held in the near future in Vienna Austria. Eméric Vagh-Weinmann, known simply as Eméric, was born in Hungary in 1919, but made France his home at an early age. Emeric's praises are perhaps best sung by his contemporaries. The famous playwright Jean Cocteau called him"the realist of the soul". J.P. Crespelle described Emeric's rich landscapes and floral still lifes as "a breath of epic grandeur. We haven't seen anything like it since Kokoshka and Soutine." James M. Gavin, the American World War II hero and Ambassador to France, was a great admirer of the painter and helped Emeric introduce his paintings to several American cities from New York to Los Angeles. Jaqueline Kennedy in a 1962 letter to the artist stated: "It is plain to see why you are one of France's best liked contemporary painters. The President and I are very grateful to have this nice collection of your work..." Additional images forwarded upon request. ( rhalasz hungary budapest french )impressionist impressionism )

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