Edison Blue Amberol Recordings 1912-1914 by Ronald Dethlefson

Edison Blue Amberol Recordings 1912-1914 by Ronald Dethlefson

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Edison Blue Amberol Recordings 1912-1914 by Ronald Dethlefson

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Ronald Dethlefson's carefully researched study of the development of Edison's finest cylinder recordings was out of print for many years. We are excited to be able to offer this valuable reference once again.

Author Dethlefson has added newly discovered details and photographs of the manufacturing process and cleared up certain speculation that appeared in the first edition. Also included in this book are reproductions of a great many of the record slips which accompanied the records when new, but are invariably lost today.

We have recently reprinted the second volume to this important set. Together, they form a very valuable reference set which belongs in the library of every collector interested in cylinder recordings, whether from the standpoint of manufacturing or artistry. The whole story is captured in this monumental set, and shouldn't be missed.

Authors contact information is available upon request

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