Easydriver Ratchet Screwdriver Set Vintage Ball Handle

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This is a very nice, clean ball handle ratchet screwdriver marked "CREATIVE TOOL INC. BENNINGTON VT" on the black side of the ball handle, and "EASYDRIVER U.S. PAT. 3,742,787" on the red color side of the plastic handle. Include is the case with the orange bottom that holds all the tips you see in the pictures, including both slot and Phillips hex tips and one holder adapter that fits into the handle, and feature a spring clip design on the hex end to hold the tips in snug while in use, much like the modern adapter for the short hex tips only. Also included is a 1/4" and 3/8" square socket wrench adapters, and one 6" long slot screwdriver tip. The screwdriver and all the tips are very good quality, particularly by today's standards, the socket adapter have the spring ball on them to hold your sockets in place. The ball handle has a very fine ratchet feature, that allows for very minimal amounts of movement for the ratchet to catch the next drive tooth, yet is in very good shape, very sturdy. The tips are inserted into the head on the red side to drive, the black to loosen, works great! There is really no wear or damage noted on the screwdriver or tips, all are basically 98% like new condtion. The fitted case is nice, but has some wear on it, the clear plastic has darkened, the paper label is about 99% intact, but some very minor stains and darkening, but has good threads and screws onto the orange base just fine. The orange base is a more flexible plastic, very tough, but has warped out of shape a little bit on the bottom area where the wall stock is thinner, otherwise in great shape! The label, confirms this is the set No. AK8 and makes this claim: DELIVERS OVER TWICE THE TURNING POWER OF ORDINARY SCREWDRIVERS OR NUT DRIVERS." Quite a big claim to say the least. We note that these sets have become very collectible to USA tool collectors even though this one was patented in 1974, it is made with quality material, and made to last. I have to say, my Dad had a "SCREWBALL" brand screwdriver when I was a kid, and this EASYDRIVER has much more to offer than that brand did, and also has a much better ratchet design. We see very few of these sets these days, don't miss out on this one.  This set is the best we have seen to date! This set didn't have any nut sockets with it, but you should be able to use your set for nut driving. A rare collectible from the 1970's!

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