DD 1922 a Vintage Catholic Rosary Butterscotch Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Medals - Extreme Rarity

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All Antique and Vintage Rosaries that I list come from my private collection. They are genuine antiques – older than 100 years – or genuine vintages – from 30 to 100 years old. All are in perfect condition and still very much usable. They are unique and a real pleasure to collect or still use.

The very exceptional item in this listing has the following characteristics:

The rosary is dated 1922 as indicated in the sterling and Gold First Communion medal attached . It is made of rare and valuable materials. 

1) The beads are genuine Baltic Butterscotch Amber as may seen from close ups. It is of top quality, color and exceptional carving as beads are practically all identical - only very minimal size deviations, less than a tenth of a millimeter . the Ave's have an average beads size of 8 x 6.5 mm - The Pater beads are the same as the Ave beads..

2) All Metal Parts of the rosary : chain, center and cross are Sterling Silver.

3) There are 6 medals attached to the rosary - 5 of them are 18 Carat Gold with the French Hallmark of an eagle head for 18 carat. One is Sterling and Gold and is a First Communion Medal dated 1922 and Monogrammed IM -- Total weight of the 5 medals which are 18 Carat Gold is 3 grams.

The 18 K. Gold medals as well as the Sterling/gold medal are shown in close up, front and reverse in two pictures. 

4) Total length of the rosary is 66 cm ( 26.4 in) and the weight is 43 grams.

5) It will easily go over the head to be worn. Any size will do .

This is an extremely rare - in fact, unique - and very valuable item, made of rare and expensive material . It is in excellent condition and may still serve many generations as it is a heirloom to keep and pass on.

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This is a magnificent item that you will greatly enjoy or that would make a fantastic gift.

My selling principle is : " SATISFACTION OR REFUND " AND IT APPLIES 100 %.

I am ready to refund in totality any item sold by me if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase NO QUESTIONS ASKED - NO CONDITIONS


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Butterscotch amber, 18K Gold, Sterling Silver