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Quantity available: 90, from the Vault COLLECTABLE JEWELRY.Brand New, Vintage, Estate, Pristine to New Elite Custom Created Fine Jewelry. All Settings Custom Designed Pieces, including Private Client. The most stunning Diamonds, rare Gemstones. Go Antiques Pricing from $ 400. FEATURED, RUBY COLOR TOURMALINE, BRAZIL * As Displayed Photo Plates, No.1 Limited Custom Crafted ORIGINAL KLIMENT 1 CARAT VINTAGE De Fluers White Diamond Pendant. A very rare limited production Collectable Diamond Pendant, virtually flawless VS E-Clarity Diamonds in Orginal Leatherette Box with 18' Matched 14k Gold Necklace, Pristine Vaulted, Complete Set as New ! Valuation $ 1200-1500. Photo Plate 1. * ANNE DIETZ Design Studios, Stunning YELLOW DIAMOND KEY PENDANT w WHITE DIAMOND SURROUND Valuation $ 2300-2500. Virtually Flawless Diamonds, Certified ( see Catalog ) Plate 3. * MAGNIFICENT VIVID HOT PINK 1.48 CARATS CEYLON SAPPHIRE WEDDING BAND surrounded by White Diamonds. Valuation $2000. Photo Plate 4. * STUNNING DIAMOND PENDANT, VS CLARITY E-Color, G.I.A. Certified over $ 1200 available in 14k White or Yellow Gold ' Finest Diamonds ' Limited Design Collectable * Review all Catalog Pages Go Antiques. Quality Natural Morganite Gemstone Rings. Rare Trillian cut Colombian Emerald with Belgium cut White Diamonds Pin, One of a Kind ! Superb Rare Colbalt Blue Kayanite Gemstone 4.45 Carats, Genuine Nepal mined stone in Diamond Setting. Viciously Gorgeous, Superior Natural Un Treated exceedingly rare Sri Lanka Mined Padparadscha Sapphire Settings, G.I.A. Certified with Accompanied Licensed Appraisals - Lab Specialist Color Gemstones [ Rarities to Several Thousand Dollars, from 1200 ] 14-18k White Gold Diamond Settings * We ship secure insured signature track service, custom parcel packaged. 10 Years Go Antiques. 100% Positive Client Feedbacks. Auction Pricing. See us Now. Gold and Fine Gemstones have never been stronger. Quality Craftsmanship rarely available todays mass production Jewelry Market. Inquiries provided showroom attention. Rising Market Gems Prized on Arrival * 6 Months No Payment Plans to qualified Pay Pal Buyers Option available. We Specialize in placing Custom Created Fine Jewelry with the buyer whom may only dream of owning collectable pieces at Auction Prices, Direct Purchase. We love Collectable and Custom made Jewelry. A Best Buy. Review all Dealer Inventory catalog pages for complete Photo Plates, above Collections.

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1970 - 2011
(Width x Height X Depth)
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Pristine Vaulted
14k - 18k white gold. direct purchase custom fine jewelry, gems