Citroen Taxi Car Company Certificate 1924

Citroen Taxi Car Company Certificate 1924

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Citroen Taxi Car Company Certificate 1924
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Beautifully engraved Certificate from the famous Taxis - Citroen Company issued in 1924. This historic document has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an old taxi on the top. This item has the printed signature of André Citroën and the hand signature of the Company Conseil. This highly desirable item is over 79 years old and looks terrific. The company was founded in 1919 by André Citroën and the first cars went on sale that year. He employed mass production techniques for the first time in the European automotive industry and was also the first to set up a service agent network. If early models were not particularly unusual in terms of technology and styling, all this would change with the release in 1934 of the Traction Avant which set the pattern, some 50 years ahead of its time, for the modern motor car. No chassis, front wheel drive, aerodynamic coachwork, excellent handling and roadholding, attention paid to safety, etc. Unfortunately, André Citroën died shortly after this car was launched. Prior to the birth of the Traction, Citroën mastered the art of publicity with advertising campaigns the like of which had never been seen before - the Eiffel Tower illuminated with his name and the company logo, trans-continental journeys, the setting of endurance records, etc. The launch in 1949 of the 2 CV confounded the critics - here was a car which was so different from its contemporaries that it was doomed to fail. Slow and ugly, it was the antithesis of the post war offerings of other manufacturers - and yet it was to have a production run that spanned five decades and generated enthusiasm bordering on the fanatical. The single most important event in automotive history (after the invention of the wheel and had it been thought necessary and possible to reinvent that, then that too would have been part of the design) occurred in 1955 - the DS 19. The company continued to build innovative cars throughout the sixties and seventies and indeed still does so today.


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