Christ in Gethsemane 1941 Print By Warner Sallman

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Christ in Gethsemane is sometimes called Jesus In The Garden. A 1941 litho By Warner Sallman. Copyright by Kriebel & bates 1942. Lovely framed print measures approximately 9 1/4" x 11 1/4". I believe the frame is original. A lovely picture to display during Easter.

The next 2 paragraphs are excerpts from The Warner Sallman Collection.

Christ's face bisects the stone slope at a right angle, serving to arrest the viewer's eye once again at the center of the picture. The alcove, a garden-like feature accompanying the altar slab of stone on which Jesus prays, connotes the picturesque silence of the "Garden of Gethsemane," that oriental place in which the prayer occurs in a final moment of privacy before public humiliation and execution.

Sallman conveyed the nature of Christ's suffering by linking the thorny growth to a shadowy cruciform that is scantily concealed in the rock backdrop in the upper right. Sallman also heightened the emotional state of Jesus by clasping the hands in prayer and furrowing the brow.

Please note the disciples sleeping in the background.

The print is in very good condition. The glass has a flaw typical of that era.

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