Chinese Cooking Made Easy Wei-Chuan's Cookbook

Chinese Cooking Made Easy Wei-Chuan's Cookbook

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Chinese Cooking Made Easy Wei-Chuan's Cookbook

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Chinese Cooking Made Easy Wei-Chuan's Cookbook

 Chinese Cooking Made Easy

With Simple Sauces and Dressings

Wei-Chaun's Cookbook

written by Mu-Tsun Lee

1994 softcover with clear protective plastic dustjacket

96 glossy pages

Beautiful color pictures of dishes

In English AND Chinese

Table of Contents

Descsriptiohns for some special ingredients and sauces

Preparing sesoning sauces

Boning chicken

Cutting whole chicken

Tips for marinating and stir-frying

Beef and pork used in recipes in this book

preparing and satir-frying shrimp

preparing and filleting fish

Preparing crab

Preparing squid and cuttlefish


Boiling, stewing, smoking, roasting, gbaking, cooking in sauces, deep frying, frying, stir-frying

Beef and pork similar types of cooking methods

Seafood the same

Other types of dishes ie kabobs, sweet and sour, deep fried in bread crumbs, deep fried in batter

Rice and noodles and soups

Vegetables and fruit

Decent condition; not new but very acceptable

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