Charles Buck Socket Firmer Chisel/Slick 7/8 inch

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This is a great old 7/8" wide Socket Firmer Chisel, marked "Charles Buck Cast Steel" on the steel. It's in good shape with a good solid Ash handle that has a good leather end cap. The Charles Buck company was closed around 1905 when he passed away. To my knowledge, this and other edge tools with the same mark are dated pre-1905.  Charles Buck made chisel like this heavy duty chisel with two types of steel, hardened steel laminated to the softer steel.  Purpose: The combined two steel form a top quality strong long lasting chisel that is resistant to cracking, as hardened steel maintains a sharp edge very well, but can crack, chip, or shatter fairly easily.  So the socket and the top of the chisel is soft steel, the cutting edge or lower half of the chisel is hardened steel in this case.  The hardened steel measures 6.5" back from the cutting edge, so there is plenty of stock left for future sharpening.  As you can see, the cutting edge is very sharp and ready to use, no rust on the hardened steel anywhere.  The soft steel does have some discoloration and pitting on it, but no rust.  The chisel is 15.37" long overall, 11.75" steel only. The handle fits very well, appears original, with plenty of darkening on the finish, and also some minor dings and scratch, solid not cracked.  I see very few of these super heavy duty chisel by Charles Buck, so don't miss out on this one!

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