Cartridges for Collectors Vol 3 (Centerfire, Rimfire, Plastic) by: Fred Datig

Cartridges for Collectors Vol 3 (Centerfire, Rimfire, Plastic) by: Fred Datig

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Cartridges for Collectors Vol 3 (Centerfire, Rimfire, Plastic) by: Fred Datig

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Table of Contents

This is the third volume in a series of reference books on cartridge identification compiled for gun enthusiasts in general and cartridge collectors in particular.

CARTRIDGES FOR COLLECTORS, VOLUME III, is supplemental to the first two volumes in this series and none of the almost 300 cartridges contained in this third volume are to be found in the others. All cartridges listed are accompanied by ACTUAL SIZE ILLUSTRATIONS, accurate measurements such as case length, diameter at mouth, diameter of head, diameter of rim, bullet diameter, bullet weight and muzzle velocity. All of the foregoing measurements are average and taken from actual examples of the various rounds in every instance possible. Also covered are notes on history, designers, principal weapons to which each round is chambered and any other pertinent data obtainable which might be of interest and value.

While Volume I dealt with the subject of centerfire, drawn brass, externally primed metric, British and American types and Volume II continued those plus the the addition of rimfire and patent ignition sections, Volume III deletes the latter but adds the new "N.A.T.O." variations plus "Plastic Cased Cartridges". A full index and bibliography are included.

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