c1912 Spanish National Cash Register

This is a rare English and Spanish language antique cash register made by National Cash Register, circa 1908-1916, Model 598EL. Measures “E” indicates the register has an electric motor and the “L” which indicates the register has electric lights near the indicators.

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The Class 500 was the most complex and ornate register manufactured by National during its period. It could keep track of up to nine separate totals, which meant that it could be used by nine different clerks or keep track of nine separate departments at the same time. The Class 500 was often found on stands that hold more than one cash drawer to take advantage of its power. It was also the most expensive machine produced at the time, with prices when new in 1909 ranging from $315 to $555, possibly much more if a floor stand or other options were added.

The National Cash Register Catalog of August 16, 1909 described the 500 Class as follows: “Class 500 registers are furnished with five rows of keys; registering capacity, 1 cent to $99.99 and one row of special keys, and with six rows of keys, registering capacity, 1 cent to $999.99, and one row of special keys. Each of the above are supplied in 3 different kinds: total adding and detail strip printing; total adding, detail strip and check printing; total adding, detail strip and sales slip printing. Any of the three kinds can be furnished with any number of extra adding counters, from two to nine in number, in addition to the grand total counter. The extra total adding counters record the total cash take in by each clerk. The grand total counter record the total cash taken in by all the clerks. The special counters record the number of records made by each clerk. The separate adding counters can be used for recording separate totals of the clerks’ sales or different classes of records, such as cash, charge, received on account, and paid out records. They may also be used for keeping separate totals of sales made in different departments or of different classes of goods." This is the most popular class of register used in connection with extra cash drawers as it provides a separate adding counter for each drawer. Any desired arrangement of keys will be furnished.” (Source: www.daytonhistory.org)

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