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Beautifully engraved Specimen from the, Inc.. This historic document was printed by the Columbia Financial Printing Company and has an ornate border around it with a vignette of the company logo. BrainyBrawn provides technology-enabled delivery of affordable health, and lifestyles related solutions to consumers, in the form of content, products, and services, that allow for complete management of a healthy lifestyle. Concurrent with this goal is to raise the quality and efficiency of the professional delivery networks that support and enhance healthy lifestyles. BrainyBrawn’s flagship product, the “HEALTHLYNX” Access Card membership program offers deep discounts on out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare services such as prescription drugs, dental, vision, complementary and alternative medicine, hearing services, vitamins and much more. HEALTHLYNX also offers personal health management tools and information to help individuals better manage health and improve quality of life. HEALTHLYNX will eventually offer cards to help individuals manage their health through specific life stages or chronic conditions, for example, a “senior living.” To achieve this level of customization, BrainyBrawn intends to replace with SmartCard technology, its current HEALTHLYNX membership card. SmartCard technology will allow us to keep track of utilization of the card, educate BrainyBrawn about its consumers, and open new revenue streams. To secure quality practitioners and vendors for HEALTHLYNX, BrainyBrawn has developed business services and products for healthcare providers. These include services such as marketing through customized patient education newsletters and group purchasing options for office and medical supplies.


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