Beautiful and Early Vintage Parker Duofold "Big Red" Fountain Pen

Beautiful and Early Vintage Parker Duofold

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Beautiful and Early Vintage Parker Duofold
Beautiful and Early Vintage Parker Duofold
Beautiful and Early Vintage Parker Duofold
Beautiful and Early Vintage Parker Duofold


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Early and Beautiful **Vintage Parker Duofold "Big Red" Fountain Pen**

Brainchild of Parker marketing executive Louis Tebbel, who believed that the market was ready for a BIG and LUXURY MODEL fountain pen, the Parker Duofold officially went on sale 1922 in Chicago, and became an instant hit. This impressively large and brightly colored writing instrument - made of red hard rubber (red ebonite) - is venerated as "The Grandfather of Fountain Pens".

The early Parker trademark imprint and single wide gold band testify to the present pen's early production date

Filling System: Button filler

Overall Length: 14 cm / 5 1/2 inches

Condition: near mint, with crisp clear brand imprint. Serviced and fully tested.


Parker Pen Company
The Parker Pen Company was founded by George S. Parker in 1888. Dissatisfied with the pens available at the time, Parker's mission was to produce an eminently reliable pen. This tradition continued admirably in the decades that ensued, with the Company becoming the number one leader in writing instrument sales from 1920 through the 1960s.

Parker also continued to regularly revolutionize the fountain pen and all that accompanied it. In 1931 Parker launched Quink, an ink that did away with the need for blotters. This breakthrough also paved the way for Parker's launch in 1941 of the Parker 51, that would go on to become the most popular fountain of all times ($400,000,000 in sales over its 30 year lifespan).

The Parker Pen Company also came to epitomize prestige, as well as the highest standards of craftsmanship, technology and design. As such, Parker pens were frequently selected to sign important documents, including the Armistice following World War II and the INF Treaty between President Ronald Regan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987.

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  • Parker "Big Red" Duofold
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  • Early 1920s
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  • Near Mint
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  • Red Hard Rubber