Barack Obama Paper Dolls Toy

Collectible USA Presidential Campaign Paper Dolls This is Limited Edition set for BARAK OBAMA AND HIS FAMILY, Make the most of the 2008 US Presidential Campaign! Set up your on paper dolls and keep score with our Obama and McCain Paper Dolls. These are limited edition dolls created for the the campaign season. Watch for a special expanded Inaugural Edition of the winner and his family! Each booklet includes a removable Election Night Scorecard as well as a brief biography of the candidate, descriptive notes and more. Also included is an internet link to find out which of the paper dolls is more popular and bonus costumes for the candidates and their wives! Make the most of a key moment in history with these beautifully rendered paper dolls featuring Barack Obama, the first African-American candidate ever to capture the USA's presidential nomination. Included are the candidate, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The elegantly designed set also includes a stunning wardrobe of authentic outfits - both casual and formal - worn by the Obama family from their wedding through today. John McCain is a courageous war hero whose sense of honor and integrity may earn him the top set in the White House. Senator John McCain continues to forge a noble battle on the campaign trail. This commemorative set of paper dolls features the Arizona senator and his wife Cindy and pages full of casual and formal outfits, including their wedding attire. Renowned paper doll artist Tom Tierney has created two wonderful booklets featuring the candidates and their families. Each booklet measures 6 by 11 inches and contains 32 pages. Each of these editions is green, having been printed in the USA and saving a total of 12 trees, 1,332 pounds of air emissions, 4,365 gallons of water and 723 pounds of solid waste - between the two volumes! We know that both candidates would gladly support that! Made in USA Limited Edition - Limited Availability

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