Audels Plumbers & Steam Fitters Guide Set 1948

This is a nice, clean set of Audels Plumbers & Steam Fitters Guides, Volumes 1-4, Volume 1-3 are a 1948 printing, Volume 4 is a 1946 printing, all are(Copyright in 1925, 1938, and 1942 on volume 1-3). They are all in good condition with a leather like cloth covers in black, with gold lettering. The outside semi-hard covers are in good+ to very good shape, Volume 2 has a slight 2" long crease on the lower center of the front cover, otherwise very clean, and minimal wear. All have good bindings and hinges, clean pages, no scribbling noted, minimal corner wear or minor bumped corners. The page edges are red on this set, with minimal wear, each has a slightly different shade of red, in a few small areas, due to fading I suppose, considered minor edge wear or fading. Overall a nice looking, and complete 4 volume set! Size of each book: 5.0" x 6.7". About 1900 pages total, with thousands of diagrams, pictures and text instructions on about every known subject on plumbing work in this period, including: Mathematics, physics, measuring devices, materials, sheet metal, tools, lead work soldering, joint wiping, bending beating, sanitation water supply, drainage, sewage disposal, Soil pip and joints, fittings, valves faucets and cocks, fixtures, boiler fittings, marine pipe fitting, flexible water tubing, heating & ventilation, steam heating boilers, refrigeration, air conditioning, oil burners, gas burners, meters etc., gas appliances, drawings, how to read drawings, geometry, pattern cutting, boiler plate work, blacksmithing, brazing, gas engines, oil engines, electric motors, are many of the subjects covered in this set. About the best instruction manuals available at the time they were printed. A top quality used, vintage, complete set!

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