Arrow Aircraft Corporation 1937

Arrow Aircraft Corporation 1937

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Arrow Aircraft Corporation 1937
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Beautifully engraved certificate from the Arrow Aircraft Corporation issued in 1937. This historic document has an ornate border around it with a vignette of an eagle. This item is hand signed by the Company’s President ( Mark Woods ) and Secretary ( John Gordon Aldrich ) and is over 65 years old.
Certificate Vignette Mark Woods was the son of Col. Frederick M. Woods moved from Illinois to Lincoln. He was one of the founders of the the Woods Bros. Companies. The Arrow Airplane Company was located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company built the prototype Arrow Sport in 1926 based on a design by Sven S. Swanson, who later designed the Kari-Keen Coupe, Swanson Coupe, Fahlin Coupe and Plymacoupe. It received its type certificate as Model A2-60 in February 1929 and sold at the factory for $2,900-$3,485. Pilots liked the price and the side-by-side seating, and the vision from the cockpit and the dual controls also made it an excellent trainer aircraft. The airplane was a structurally robust design with a welded steel tube fuselage and tail. The one-piece cantilever wings were built of spruce box spars and spruce and plywood ribs. Later production runs included the interplane "N" struts, made of streamlined steel tubing, as standard equipment. The entire airplane was fabric covered, doped, and painted in its chosen colors. The split-axle main landing gear had an unusually wide 78" wheel tread. The horizontal stabilizer was adjustable in flight from the left side of the cockpit. The early Sport 60 initially offered a 6-cylinder 60 hp Anzani engine as well as the Detroit Air Cat engine, however the 5-cylinder 60 hp Le Blond engine soon became the standard production engine. Next came three versions: the Arrow Sport 60 and the Arrow Sport 90 with Le Blond engines, and the Arrow Pursuit with a 100 hp Kinner radial engine. About 100 Sport airplanes were produced through 1931, and Arrow Aircraft Corporation built aircraft for the weekend pilot throughout the depression. The market did not develop as planned though and, as military production expanded in the late 1930s, Arrow lost money on every airplane it sold. In November 1940, the Arrow Corporation closed its doors. ALDRICH, JOHN GORDON: Public Relations Director; b Summit, Ore Aug 10, 1879; s of James Harry Aldrich-___; ed Portland Ore HS; Oregon St Coll, BSc 1900; m Anna L Frost Aug 10, 1904 Olympia Wash; s John Gordon Jr; 1900-07 in hotel bus, Ellensburg Wash; 1907-17 representative of A Schiling & Co, San Francisco; 1915-18 org water & light system, Malden Wash; 1918-38 with Woods Brothers Cos, Lincoln; 1929-30 secy & treas of Arrow Aircraft Corp; city coun, mbr stabilization com; C of C; Uni Club; past mbr Rotary; AF&AM 19; Hiram Club, ch mbr; dir Camp Fire Girls coun; pres Neb Safety Coun; First Plymouth Congl Ch; hobbies, golf, pub welfare & civic matters; off 132 S 13th; res 2121 Sheridan Blvd, Lincoln.


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