Antique Russian Caucasian Sword Islamic Shamshir

Antique 18th century Caucasian Sword Shamshir. Details: An extremely long single-edged curved Damascus steel blade with a slightly visible Watered Pattern, decorated with a silver inlaid cartouche and calligraphic panels, and deeply struck on the forte with a typical Caucasian sword smith's mark in the shape of a rosette enclosed signature. A hilt in the characteristic ottoman Shamshir fashion with wooden grips-scales retained by four star shaped domed rivets and enclosed by iron straps, an elaborate steel cross-guard in the Turkish manner silver inlaid on the center with calligraphic cartouches and foliage, a steel pommel decorated in silver. In its original wooden scabbard with spiral copper wire mounted with a silver inlaid steel chape and one mount with a ring for suspension (the second one is absent). For similar Caucasian sword smith's marks please see "Weapons of the Caucasian Nations" by E.Astvacaturyan. Published 2004. Page 334 and 335. Also see "Weapons of the Caucasian Nations" by E.Astvacaturyan. Published 1995. Page 144 and 152. REFERENCES: According to the Russian and Ukrainian experts these types of shamshir swords were very popular among the Ukrainian and Russian Cossacks. 1) "Козацька шабля. XVII - XVIII ст.: Історико-зброєзнавче дослідження" by Денис ТОЇЧКІН. 2) "Украина- козацька держава" by Володимир Недяк. 3) "GLORY OF UKRAINIAN KOZAKS" (SLAVA UKRAJINSKOGO KOZACTVA) by Petro Kardash, Dr. Sergij Kot. 4) "Z ukrainskoi starovyny" by IU O. Ivanchenko, DI I Avornytskyi, Mykola Samokysh, Serhii Ivanovych Vasylkivskyi. Condition: The sword is in good condition considering its age with minor wear except that the black painted wooden scabbard is damaged and split, without the leather and missing a steel mount. Measurements approximately: Overall length with the scabbard: 96 cm (37 3/4 inches), the length without the scabbard: 90 cm (35 1/2 inches), length of the blade: 77.5 cm (30 1/2 inches).

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